As Olympics is present, the desire also for those who are impaired or have disabilities to be able to compete is high. Even if they have the disabilities but it did not stop them from having the eagerness to also have the fun of playing games and to share what they had. They like sports just as what they had done before. There are many who are into sports but then they met an accident that is why they cannot compete in the Olympics.

The way was opened when the Paralympics was opened. It started with some types of disabilities and rules with lead. Let us see some of the games that are in the Paralympics. One of them is archery which was added into the event during the year of 1960. The Paralympics had been already known around the world and had existed but there are still people who do not know that it exists but only know the Olympics.

The Boccia is one event that was added during the time of 1984. At that same year, the cycling on the track and on the road was also included. Equestrian type or event was included during 1996. There was even the football that was designed for the visually impaired and one that is for the ones who have a cerebral palsy. The Paralympics has the coverage of the whole world just like the Olympics but only suitable for the persons with disability. It has its own governing body and those who passed can compete.